Odissey 530 fiberglass speed boat


ODISSEY 530 speed boat is designed for journeys, fishing and hunting on rivers, lakes and offshore zones of lakes, water storage basins and seas at daytime at obstacle height up to 0,5m under an outboard motor of up to 100 hp.

Overall length, m 5,3+/-50
Overall breadth, m 2,130+/-20
Amidships board height, m 0,880+/-15
Transom height, m 0,510+/-15
Transom thickness, mm No more 45
Passenger capacity, ppl 4
Sleeping places (adult+child) 2+1
Weight with equipment (without motor), kg 550+/-20
Load capacity, kg 500
Speed, km/h About 60
Loaded draft, m No more than 0,3
Offshore distance, m No more than 1500

Boat construction

The open cockpit is equipped with 2 armchairs (one for the driver), 1 kit locker in the aft with a soft mat and a dismountable back, consisting of 2 parts divided into 2 pieces, in one of which you can find the engine accumulator and in the other – the main fuel tank of the outboard motor. There is a section, where an additional fuel tank for 100 l can be placed, between the 2 buoyancy blocks under the deck of the open cockpit.

The motor boat is equipped with a removable awning (a mooring awning is within the complete set) for the driver's and passengers' protection from the wind and rain. Besides, the motor boat is equipped with a small cabin with a door to close. There 2 adults and 1 child can spend a night on board.

3 kit lockers with covers to open and boxes in the cabin along the boards (open from inside the cabin) allow equipment and luggage to be placed there. To eliminate flooding the boat has buoyancy blocks, filled with plastic foam, in the nose and aft, and top board parts of the hull covering as well.

There are side decks and life rails along the boards in the nose to make coming onto the shore easy. The boat is equipped with mooring cleats and a place for the anchor equipment and mooring ropes.