Kasatka bottom boat


Kasatka aluminuim bottom boat

"Kasatka" aluminum bottom boat is intended for rescue operations, for patroling and water recreation. The aluminum hull and the  cabin make it possible to use the boat from early spring till late autumn. When the heating system Webasto is additionally installed, there is an opportunity of comfortable  use of the boat at temperatures near to 0 C. There is a spacious cabin and an open cockpit in the afterbody, so up to 8 passengers may come on board. The boat can be equipped either with an inboard water-jet engine or outboard motor.

"Kasatka" aluminum bottom boat is specially designed for exploitation in any possible weather conditions within the whole period of navigation. The hull which is made of aluminum is famous for reliability, while the comfortable fiberglass cabin is valued for its habitability.

"Kasatka" is a boat ideal for comfortable recreation and fishing with friends if you want to spend a couple of days on islands, take a sail along the river or just go fishing.

Basic characteristics

Hull length

6,3 m

Hull beam

2,4 m

Overall height

2,02 m

Dead rise angle

17 degrees

Passenger capacity

8 people

Engine power

150-175 hp

Engine type

Inboard water jet engine or outboard motor

Boat weight

1300 kg

Load capacity

900 kg

Maximum speed

80 km/h

Fuel capacity

160 l

Sea-going performance

Up to 3 points on the scale

Standard transom height

0,53 m

Hull material

Sea aluminuim

On-board power system

12 V

Hull thickness

Bottom and transom

4 mm

Outer side

3 mm


3 mm


  • excellent mobility qualities, speed up to 80 km/h
  • patented design of the cabin's saloon "zigzag" allows to offer up to 5 sleeping places with an opportunity of free exit out of the cabin
  • foldaway sofa in the cockpit provides max space
  • convenient aisle between the boat's boards
  • easy to come on board and get off from any side of the boat
  • the tent is quick to transform
  • opportunity to lie in the sun and go fishing in the forebody
  • antislippery covering all over the deck