Poseidon 570 fiberglass speed boat


POSEIDON 570 fiberglass (FRP) speed boat is designed for fishing, hunting on rivers, water trips on lakes, offshore zones of lakes, water storage basins and seas at daytime when the wave is not higher than 0,75 m under the outboard motor of 150 hp.

The speed boat has hard chine lines with the transom stern. The covering of the hull and deck is made by contact forming out of fiberglass on the basis of polyester resin reinforced with glass materials. The open cockpit is equipped with 2 kit lockers with a soft mat and a dismountable back.

There is a dismountable awning for protecting the driver and passengers from wind and rain. Besides, there is a deck house with a door to close. There 3 passengers can spend a night on board. 3 kit lockers make it comfortable to place equipment and luggage there.

The hull is additionally hardened by pouring special foam into the interhull space that makes it seagoing performance better, load capacity greater and flooding less possible.

Technical characteristics


5700 mm


2200 mm

Board height

965 mm

Transom height

510 mm


650 kg

Passenger capacity

6 ppl

Max horse power


Max speed

About 85 km/h

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