Fast passenger vessel A45



Fast passenger vessel A45

FAST PASSENGER VESSEL A45 harmoniously combines high speed, unique mobility, shallow draft that allows the vessel to come to any unimproved port (receive and land passengers) in shallow waters. Pleasant comfort at speed in still water and waves is provided by Know-How solutions – active control of the lift vector.

CLASS OF THE VESSEL – O 2,0/1,5 planing launch of Russian River Register

DESIGNATION – The vessel is intended for speed carriage of passengers on inner waterways up to 650 km long (without topping up).

Principal particulars

Length overall, m abt.32,0
Extreme breadth, m 6,0
Draft abt.0,9
Displacement, t abt.68
Crew, ppl no more than 6
Speed, km/h no less than 75
Passenger capacity, ppl:
VIP variant abt.50
passenger variant with luggage abt. 120
Main engines:
 MTU 16V2000M70, kW  2*1050
Hull material:
corrosion resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy of АМГ 1561 grade  
Propulsion plant:
produced by PHC “Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M.Gorky” water-jet propellers made of titanium alloy ВД-525  2
Electric power station:
diesel-generator, kW  2*28