Mirage boat


Mirage boat

"Mirage" boat is an ideal variant for those who look for extreme adventures: high speed, impressive mobility in combination with stability provide passengers with adrenaline buzz together with comfort and safety.

An outbound motor up to 90 hp allows to tow a 10-passenger "Banana" boat to say nothing of its skier.

Basic characteristics

Hull length

4,3 m

Hull beam

2,1 m

Board height

0,65 m

Bare displacement

300 kg

Passenger capacity


Engine power

90 hp

Max speed

95 km/h

Fuel storage

90 l

Sea-going perfomance

Up to 2 points on the scale

Standard transom height

508 mm

On-board power system



A spacious and completely open cockpit allows 4 people to be comfortably placed on board. Stairs in the back part of the hull make entry on board out of water maximum comfortable. Perfectly placed planing steps keep "Mirage" stable both at turns and full speed, though the speed can make 100 km/h. The boat lines provide high performance when the sea is not up to 3 points on the scale.

The hull of "Mirage" boat is reinforced with fiberglass that provides resistance to flooding and allows the crew of 4 ppl to keep the boat on water. The manufacturing technology allows the buyer to define the colour both of the hull and seating places.

The boat is equipped with navigation and parking lights, horn, bailing electric pump, fuel sensor and sensor of the on-board power system, powered steering, in-built tanker of 90 l, support arm for towing a skier, transportation tent, windows.

According to your wishes the boat can be additionally equipped with an echo sounder, radio recorder, etc. We also offer a special zinc-plated trailer with a winch that provides delivery to even a remote place.

High quality materials and parts from leading world producers and supplies guarantee reliability and comfort of service.

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