Harpoon Lux boat


Harpoon Lux boat

“Harpoon Lux”boat  is a modification of “Harpoon” motor boat with a hardtop – a half deck cabin, where it is comfortable to stay over at night. It is a perfect choice for a family to spend holidays. «Harpoon-Lux» combines high performance of “Harpoon” boat and advantages of classic hardtop saving from the sun and bad weather.

“Harpoon Lux” speed boat is meant for walks, holiday, water tourism, doing different sports and fishing. The boat is equipped with everything you need while on water and high power pylon for fastening a towrope. The cockpit allows to freely move around and use any accessories that help to serve this boat as an in-office watercraft. The main peculiarity of “Harpoon Lux” boat is a hardtop where you can feel safe in bad weather or spend a night.

“Harpoon-Lux”boat is used in fresh water (rivers, lakes, water storage basins) and in seashore zones (offshore up to 3 km and no higher than 3 points on the scale). Modern hydrodynamic hull lines provide soft performance on a rough sea, high seagoing performance and good flexibility in motion.

Basic characteristics

 Hull length  5,45 m
 Hull beam  2,25 m
 Hull height  1,19 m
 Bare displacement  800 kg
 Passenger capacity  5 persons
 Engine power  115-140 hp
 Max speed  75 km/h
 Fuel capacity 160 l 
 Seagoing performance  Up to 3 points on the scale
 Standard transom height  508mm
 Loaded draft  380mm
 Bottom material  aluminium
 Top material  fiberglass


Basic advantages

  • due to the hardtop and tent the boat is ideal in usage in all weather conditions
  • high sea-going performance of the boat allows to use it in offshore zones of the sea
  • excellent variant for a small family to spend time together
  • due to the wide side deck and handrails it is convenient to come to the forebody for fishing and sunbathing